Jan 24, 2012

Hacked iTunes?

Got to admit that because of the no publicity on this issue, I, even the sceptic I am in these matters, first thought that it's some hoax, this here. Sure, everything else gets hacked, but naw, not iTunes. It's just anti-Apple propaganda. 

But hey, that's exactly what Apple wants us to believe! But is it right? I don't think so! Why wouldn't iTunes or other Apple be as prone to be a hackers' target as any other system, especially as the popularity grows? And nothing in this world could really make me believe that Apple's got some silver bullet - or should I say kevlar vest - that makes them totally unhackable! It's human made technology, just as the rest of it.

Ed Oswald on Betanews:
Don't believe me about the iTunes hack? Just check Twitter

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