Feb 27, 2012

Adobe Photoshop for iPad

Today, Adobe released the Photoshop Touch for iPad, the first of several Touch apps yet to come. No, I did not rush immediately to the app store to download it on my iPad, but I did tweet about it as soon as I learned about it, maybe five minutes after waking up. It was all over the Tech news.

There's been Photoshop editions for Android (and some sort of version for WinPhone 6.1? somehow I recall my Adobe-oriented colleague trying one out before the Android era), and the free Express version iPad as well. But this new one, the Touch, is a true lightweight version with layers and all. And of course with a little bit of price too - not too bad for a Photoshop, though: the news said $9,99, which seems to translate more or less accurately to the eurozone as 7,99€.

I use Photoshop CS5 on my Windows laptop in my work, not to its whole potential, but to retrieve graphics from the layouts made by a graphic designer, and some times creating some basic graphics myself. And I use either Photoshop or something else to correct and enhance my own photos - I take a lot of pictures - on the PC. But I have never really felt like trying to edit photos on my phone, nor my Galaxy Tab even. The screen is simply too small to do anything worth its while, especially since I usually export the photos to my PC anyway at some point.

It wasn't until a couple weeks ago that I spotted the Photoshop Express for iPad and decided to try it out - the iPad screen is big enough to actually see what you're doing, and good enough quality too. It is free, but you can boost it with stuff that costs a 1-2 euros roughly. And it's quite cool! It has all the basic enhancements, some effects and borders, the stuff you need to both correct your photos and play around with them a bit. The touch experience is good, editing the pictures is easy.

So far I don't see myself needing more than the Express version for my freetime fiddling around with images, but simply the knowledge that there is the Touch version if I ever should believe that I would benefit of some more advanced features on Photoshop in iPad, gets me pretty exited! And based on the Express version user experience, I should assume it is its money's worth for anyone doing more than me.

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