Apr 3, 2012

Testdriving Blogsy

It seems like I have finally found a blogging platform for iPad that I actually like. Of course since this is only the initial testdrive, I don't know about all the quirks of the app, Blogsy, that is, as stated in the title. But so far so good:

  • I can post to both Wordpress and Blogger, and could post to several other blog services too, but those two happen to be the ones I use
  • You can easily use formattings in the rich text - even though (or maybe exactly for that reason) I do html as (a part of) my job, I couldn't care less about tags when I'm blogging - but if you like to edit the html you can easily do that too with the toggle button
  • You can easily add images from anywhere in the internet, from your Flickr or Picasa galleries or the photos on your iPad, though it requires upload to e.g. Picasa or Wordpress first
  • You can also add stuff like, well, hyperlinks (this was the only thing I needed to check from the tutorial - predictable really, but not totally intuitive) but also embed Youtube videos
You can adjust the position, size (I especially like the slider!) and alt text properties of images easily.

For Youtube videos you can select "old embed" or iFrame, and set the size and border, and select to include related video.

I can even use the split keyboard (I've got small hands), for even though it renders on top of the entry page like in other apps too, Blogsy gives enough slack to scroll the page up, with white space in the bottom, to keep the split keyboard functional.

So far the only thing that mildly annoys me (hear me, creators of Blogsy!) is that it closes my post when I go to entry settings and upload it as a draft.

[Edit April 22nd, 2012: The latest update to Blogsy added this "Post and keep local draft" feature to the app, which enables you to save to the blog service, but keep the local draft open for editing. Thanks team Blogsy!]

So yeah, it seems to be worth all of the 3,99eurs for a blogger enthusiast like me.

This is an addition to my blog text. Just to try it out - it's there on the Format toolbar of Blogsy. Oh, and btw. The html created is quite good too.

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