Jan 10, 2013

Irritatingly Disappearing Stuff

It's been a couple months since I last downloaded music from Spotify. I didn't used to be (and will not be for very long) a premium subscriber; I endure the commercials and don't really ever reach the monthly limits of listening to music on Spotify. But I do like to buy music hrom Spotify and listen to it in my car while driving.
So, as said, it's been a couple months since I last downloaded stuff. It would been only a few days, had Spotify not stopped supporting new download purchases. You can't download music even with (new) Premium subscriptions, though there is no notification of that on Spotify web site.

So, no downloading music :/ And living in this country with Teosto-hirmuvalta (Copywrite bureau tyranny), the price of music in Finnish online music stores is double the price and not nearly as plenty. Which may of course be one of the reasons behind this. The other one being pushing people to use the mobile app. But little does that help me with the car stereo system!

But what annoyed me even more, was that I noticed also, that Spotify had wiped out all of my previously downloaded music files in my music library! That is, like, intolerable behavior from a store! I paid for that music! It's like buying a cd that automatically destroys itself after a certain period of time. Unheard of!
Luckily though I had - well, have - all my music backed up on my usb drive. But this seriously infuriated me! What's next? Amazon wiping out all Kindle books from my account, just because? Dropbox or Skydrive being empties just because? Cloud services... Very very scary in many ways.

As is Android. I believe I compared Android to Windows XP in one of my earlier posts. I mean, it is. Though I don't remember even WinXP ever losing icons from the desktop. Whereas a couple nights ago my oldest daughter's Android phone did. It crashed and rebooted itself and whooosh! all her games were gone from the screens. It was bedtime, so I told her I'd take a look at the phone the next day, afraid that the actual apps had disappeared.

Before going to bed myself I googled a bit and noticed that a whole lot of people have had that same problem. And that most probably it was only the icons that had disappeared, not the apps. I found a couple of promising tricks (involving e.g. clearing memory and such), but by the time I was back from work and daughter from school and I told her I could try to fix the phone, the icons had already reappeared magically.
I don't really like Android too much. My Galaxy Tab has been reduced to a Kindle device solely (all the kids have Android phones now, so they don't even play games on the Tab anymore), all syncs disabled so prevent the battery from dying in a day even when I don't even touch the tablet. I hope my Kindle books don't decide to go awol...

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