Jan 23, 2012

Fiddling with the Apple TV

My boyfriend has an Apple TV, and yesterday we got around to connect my iPad Remote app to it, too - which was not really a very intuitive task, if you ask me. I guess it might have been more simple than it was, in reality,but as said, notexactly intuitive. "Everything just works" didn't exactly apply here; though needing to reboot the app in order to finally see the Apple TV on the Remote was nothing new to an old Win user ;)

After the paring was finally done, I was of course fiddling with the Apple TV. I upload a whole lot of pictures to Flickr and decided to test out the Apple TV connection to my Flickr account. I was quite disappointed to notice that I could not log intom my account on itat all! I could only show my public photos, but I also have plenty of private photosand would've wanted to be able to show those too. We tried googling the issue, and sadly yes, this seems to be the case. No way to sign in to Flickr on the Apple TV. Airplay from the browser or Flickr app is a quite pathetic way to watch photos on even a biggish TV.

Otherwise both Airplay and the Apple TV, especially with the iPad Remote, are quite cool!

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