Jan 19, 2012

iPads on the Roll

It has been in the air, iPads everywhere. But how far can they actually go? Can iPads really invade the enterprise and replace laptops?

I have an iPad, a pretty recent addition to my gadget collection. I've had a Galaxy Tab for a little over a year already, though, so I'm not exactly new to the tablet consept. Both are useful for pretty much the same things: reading the news, surfing the internet, listening to music (on Youtube too, even though the apparent mobile device sensorship is highly annoying!), reading books (on my Kindle apps) - and of course for the kids, the games. I use both daily - the other one is smaller and easier to handle, the other one has a bigger and better screen and my new favorite app, the Flipboard (which I will be writing about at some point). But to use either one for working?

I'm sure there are jobs where it is possible to do everything you need to do with the iPad - or similar big screen Android or soon-to-come Windows tablet for that matter, I don't have real preferences or take sides, really. Only Apple has done a pretty good job with the accessory section here: it is common knowldge that you can attach the Apple bluetooth keyboard to iPad, but is there something similar (and as lightweight and sleek) for the other devices? That for one, is a big help when working for real with a tablet.

But as for me? Nope, even that combination wouldn't be enough for me to do my job. Not even a RDP connection to a server. This 15" laptop screen is just and just enough for me, but I could even benefit of a bigger outer one. Web development, VisualStudio semi-coding, graphic design or at least working with such with my Photoshop. Nope, iPad wouldn't do it. But. One thing I do use either one of my tablets for, is reading work documents, pdfs, docs, training materials etc. For that purpose the tablets are a clear winner against PCs. 

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