Feb 19, 2012

Saved by the Browser Cache

We spent four days in Amsterdam last week, and I started writing my blog on the iPad. For my personal (and more or less anonymous, so not link here) blog I use Wordpress, and the iPad app is an ok editor for simply writing, but when I want to insert pictures, it is necessary to switch to the browser editor on my PC - with the app I can only add pics that are in the iPad photostream, not e.g. ones from a dropbox folder.

So what happened today, was that I had more or less finished writing the blog entry on iPad and switched to the PC to insert some photos to the entry. While selecting the photos, I was doing some slight editing of the text too. And finally, was happy with the entry and published it.

An hour or so later I reviewed it again, as is more or less my habit, to find the typos I had missed earlier. I was doing this again on the iPad, and once I noticed some typoes, I opened the Wordpress app to correct them. But for some reason it did not check the server for the newer version of the entry, and when I tried to refresh the entry, clicking the update, it simply updated the local old draft version to Wordpress!

Checking the blog on my PC, yep, there was no published version anymore! And there is no version history for the blog entries! For a while there I was certain my work had gone down the drain. But I started to go back in the browser history - landing eventually on the editing page right before the initial (and correct) publishing! And what best, it let me publish it all over again, as it was.

For once, I was extremely happy there is a thing called browser cache!

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