Jun 11, 2012

About Mobile Sites, Article

I was reading the Tech news here and this quite intruiging article caught my eye:

How to Make Your Site Mobile Ready in Just 30 Seconds

"How very convenient", I thought to myself, "as creating the mobile friendly sites, especially from existing sites, can be a pain in you-know-where." 

A mere five dollars a month for this purpose probably is quite ok for anyone having a website not technically administered by themselves or someone on their own payroll. But otherwise, hmm. Instead of a mobile site hosting service, a simple conversion tool in the spirit of jQuery is more of the sort I myself would like to have.

Furthermore, the real problem with this consept for me personally as a consumer point of view, is the absolute redirect. There ia nothing I hate more, than to be forcefully redirected to a mobile site, when I would like to view the full site. There is, e.g. no real reason to force iPad users to mobile sites, for the screen is big enough and the browser fully functional (save Flash and Silverlight support)! And even on my small Lumia screen I personally usually prefer the ful site. And moreover, I want to choose!

So instead of focusing on creating separate mobile views, I'd welcome a movement of creating mobile compatible, i.e. screen size aware and/or scalable yet full (as in same as I would get on my PC) web sites, or at least implementing the possibility to choose: "You seem to be using a mobile device, do you want to be redirected... Yes/No".

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