Jun 11, 2012

Adding Twitter Searches to Flipboard

Even as much as I use Flipboard - one of my favorite and most frequently ised apps - on my iPad, I have to admit, that only today did it occur to me to add my most important Twitter hashtag searches to my Flipboard feeds. So I thought to myself, that maybe it hasn't occured to some other people either that you can even do this, thus this "tip of the day" kind of post here.

For me, probably the main reason not to have ever before noticed this option is using Tweetdeck on my laptops (I very rarely visit the actual Twitter site). The Tweetdeck searches are not saved as Twitter profile searches, so first I needed to visit the Twitter site and execute the searches and then, in the options, save them, one by one, of course. After doing this, the searches were available in Flipboard, in my Twitter account options and I was able to add them in the Flipboard feeds.

I'm quite excited about this, for now I can use my favorite feed reader to read the #sharepoint and #sp2010 Twitter posts - a huge improvement in my professional information and news gathering activity!

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