Dec 17, 2012

Tweak Your Photos on Windows8

In my previous review of Windows 8 I was all but complaining about the lack of a proper(ish) tool for editing images. Naturally, the solution for this, too, is an app. Or several, if you wish. There's a multitude of different photo apps in the app store, but my pick was the PhotoStudio FREE. As its name suggests, it is a free photo studio, but so far I have been rather happy with it and could encourage the creators of it to make a paid version with more stuff; at least I would buy it.

Even now, though, in addition to the basic correction tools, the PhotoStudio has a rather nice set of filters effects and frames to select from:

So, e.g. after selecting all these (a little bit too many, but all for the sake of demo) effects and such, with a little bit of additional corrections, such as color and hue manipulation

my photo got a whole new look:

Now, if I would want to create a multitude of photos with the same enhancements, this app also allows the user to save and apply action sets.

All in all, I'm quite happy with the app. The next thing on my wishlist for Win8 is a pic collage app!

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