Feb 14, 2013

Keyboard for iPad

Got myself a new toy, the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard cover for iPad. I've got to say that it seems to be the best thing since buying that Camera Kit last spring, which, by the way, has been in use a lot.

Originally I thought I'd probably "need", or have use for, the cover only on trips and e.g. seminars or so. But now that I have the keyboard, I notice that since I'm an active blog-writer etc. the keyboard serves me very well at home too!

Compared to e.g. the generic bluetooth Apple or other keyboards, this cover has some serious advantages over them:

  • the stand - most and for all, the iPad stands nicely on the keyboard when typing, so you don't need to be fixing the iPad separately anywhere
  • the cover-attachment feature - it just tags along and locks the screen too
  • proper keys - well ok, this is actually an advantage over the Surface keyboard
  • the inbuilt chargeable battery that lasts for hundreds of hours

I really like this little lightweight addition to my toy collection!

1 comment:

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