Feb 4, 2013

The Pain of Getting WinPhone 7.8

Yes, I still have my Lumia 800.

No, I still don't have Windows Phone 7.8.

What I do have, is Windows phone 7.5, build  7.10.8779.8, which apparently is only the first update file on the way to WP 7.8 (7.10.8858.136) and supposed to be part of a batch that gets installed without the user knowing that the update is actually a set of updates, according to an article in International Business Times.

So how the h*ll, pardon my French, did I end up being one third of the way up to WP7.8?

It's not that long ago that my iPad informed me, that iOs 6.1 update was available. I got the notice pretty much approximately at the same time as any other iPad user, as far as I know. Now, for more than a week already, I have been reading (tweets, obviously, what else) and hearing my friends and aquaintaces,
 right here in this same country, talk about WP7.8 on their Lumia 800.

I am one impatient geek, ok. I get my iOs updates at the same time with the rest of the world, and I want my Win Phone updates that way too!

A complaint in Twitter, and I got an answer: "you need to do the Zune disconnect trick". What is that, now? Sounds funky, don't it? So I googled it and found the instructions. Basically:

  1. turn of the network connenctions on your phone
  2. open Zune
  3. connect phone to computer
  4. search for update; if the newest one isn't readily available -> 
  5. check for updates again but this time
  6. disconnect the computer from the Internet within 3seconds
  7. and the newest update should appear
  8. --> reconnect computer to the Internet and update the phone
When this didn't work for me, I complained it Twitter a bit more and got the instruction to keep on doing this (repeating steps 5-6 until the update appears) for about 30 minutes and eventually it would work. Crazy? Yes. Works? Yes. And no. 

Doing this, maybe not for a half an hour, but some time anyway, Zune eventually, quite reluctantly, offered me that 8779 update, and I thought that it would've then nicely continued to the truly latest update, the actual WP7.8. But nooo. My phone, as well as Zune, was happy with that update. I wasn't.

So I tried that trick some more, to get the rest of the updates, but the ony result I got was my laptop disabling the wifi adapter internally. I seriously sometimes think these devices have a will of their own! It was as if my laptop had grown weary of switching the wireless on again, off again. So it shut the wireless altogether. And for once, also fixed itself when I told it to.

This was the point where I decided to force patience on myself and wait for my phone to announce the update itself, no matter how frustrating it is to wait for it (there is some mostly unrecognizable self-sarcasm hidden in this statement). With an almost 7.8 windows phone. Yeah.

But, pretty pretty please, would it be possible to at least opt the update to anybody checking with Zune, even if the update is availble notfications are rolled out in batches?

P.S. If you want it bad enough, you can do it manually too, but that was like too much ado for me for now.

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