Apr 10, 2014

HP Ultrabook 850

Nothing was exactly wrong with my old HP laptop, but I cannot say that I'd be the least bit sorry for getting a brand new work laptop. Especially one as nice and sleek as the HP Ultrabook 850. It's thin, lightweight, got a backlit keyboard, battery power for 7 hours with basic battery, and what best: a touchpad similar to the macbook trackpad!

My Macbook-loving husband asked me why was it worth its while to get a laptop that was as expensive as a Macbook, and in many ways a quite shameless imitation of the Macbook experience. Why not buy Macbooks instead? Two words. Micro and soft. I cannot very well do my MSWork with a Macbook. I am bound to Windows via SharePoint and Visual Studio and... even if I mostly use a remote server.

Besides, I have problems understanding the OsX. But I do love the trackpad! And now I have something truly similar in my Win-powered sleek Ultrabook, that is not a nuisance even while slouching on the couch with it. Not heavy, not overheating all the time. And it's quiet - no fan going wild all the time either.

So in summary, I love my Ultrabook <3 And here's the tips for the touchpad-trackpad-mouseDevice:

  • two-finger tap: you get the quick menu (normally right mouse click) by tapping the pad
  • two-finger swipe: scrolling - and you can do it either vertical or horizontal
  • three-finger swipe (or flick): scanning through browsing history in browser, or images in image viewer etc. this I needed to activate myself in the mouse settings, it was not enabled by default
  • pinch zoom: zoom in browser by pinching, but also e.g. in Word and other Office apps
  • rotating with two fingers: handy when doing a lot of photo work and needing to rotate images

There's other options too, but these are my favorites!




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