Jan 21, 2012

The Pointy Thingy

I got myself a Bamboo pointer pen for the tablets. Mainly with a thought of using it for sketching some work-related designs - which I'm not at all sure I will ever do - but primarily just to have one. It's quite rare for me to but these sort of things for that sort of flimsy reason, but it's been known to happen. At least with the less expensive stuff.

Anyway, my school age daughters, who love their My Horse and Pet Hotel and My Room My Dog and Wher's My Water and whatnot tablet games (where's Angry Birds? you ask. It's there too, but no novelty anymore) and adopted the pen immesiately! Even with their smaller fingers than an adult has, they found the pointing device more accurate and better to use with the games than the finger.

For games, and definately for drawing and sketching plans it sure is. But for flipping through Flipboard or surfing the internet or writing an email or this blog, I wouldn't say so. And what comes to different tablets, it works perfec with the iPad, but the Galaxy Tab screen is just too, I don't know what, but anyway, can't really say it works well enough with that. And it's perfect with the Lumia800 screen too.

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