Who's That Girl?

I wouldn't really call myself a geek nor a nerd. But I have been working as a trainer and a consultant in the (Microsoft) IT business for quite some time, starting at the end of last century, or previous millennium if you wish, and I do love my gadgets. I am a very social creature in many ways, but then again, I can get buried deep down into reading, writing (especially that!), taking pictures and fiddling with them, and all sorts of geeky-like tech stuff.

I love my laptops and my mobile devices. Sometimes I fiddle around with them just for fun, setting up this and that, installing stuff, just because I can. Yet most of the time I view them in a quite utilitarian way. They're good for what I can use them for, not for what they are per se.

This blog is about my adventures in the gadgety world and the social interwebs (yes, I am a fan of LOLcats), both with my own notions, observations, opinions and such, and with linked or referred articles from all those newsfeeds I follow or otherwise come accross. Because Twitter with its 140 chars just ain't enough ;)

I also have a work-related mostly SharePoint oriented blog Bordering .Net

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