Jan 30, 2012

Missing the WiFi hotspot

With my cellphone and my Galaxy Tab (or iPad, but here where I am, the Tab is easier to carry around and hold in hands for a long time), one would think that I'm fully equipped for the 1-2 hours wait while my daughter tends to horses and has her riding lesson. But the cellphone being Lumia 800, unfortunately am not. I am lacking an internet connection (which of course means that this entry is posted when I'm already at home).

The WiFi hotspot is maybe the only single thing that I truly miss on Lumia. The HTC Desire had it, and I used it here and there, frequently. I have a USB mobile WiFi too, but of course, it's of no use when using these mobile devices. Except with this Tab, actually, if I remove the sim from the stick and insert it to the Tab and reboot the tab and...

Be as it may, I miss the easy-to-flip-on WiFi hotspot. Personally, I don't miss Skype, let alone Google+ (see rumors of the upcoming Tango update) nearly as much as I miss the WiFi hotspot on my otherwise oh so nice Lumia. Pretty please?

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