Mar 28, 2012

Camera Connection Kit for iPad

I'd say, pretty good of an investment (of about 30 euros).

I was visiting my mother at Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, with my girls for a few days last week. I don't like to take my laptops with me if not necessary, especially when traveling with carry-on luggage only. But my problem with this is, that when traveling, I love to import my photos from my camera(s) to my computer and go through them in the evening. But with my iPad and Galaxy Tab, I couldn't do that. Yet.

So a couple days before leaving I remembered the Camera Connection Kit for iPad and decided I had a valid need to get it. And I did. And I love it! Every evening I imported my photos from my cameras to my iPad, played around with PhotoShop Express and enhancing them on iPhoto (the only thing I don't like about the iPhoto is that it doesn't stream the modified pics straight to PhotoStream - a bit of a pain in the buttocks) etc.

When I came home, all my pics were automatically downloaded to my laptop via iCloud (as soon as I plugged in my iPad to charge - the iCloud PhotoStream seems a bit fuzzy to me).

The funny thing about the Camera Connection Kit was though, that when I first tried it, I needed to reboot my iPad before it started importing photos - kind of, well, let's just say un-apply.

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