Nov 16, 2019

10 Reasons to Have an Apple Watch

For quite some time, like months, I was thinking, that I'd like to have a smart watch. I wasn't really high on the idea of getting an Apple Watch, really, mostly because I viewed them bulky and ugly with the wide silicon or fabric wrist bands. I wanted something more feminine and jewellery-like. Like a bracelet with a smart watch on it. At some point I finally admitted to myself that since I have an iPhone, the only smart watch for me is the Apple Watch, want it or not.

Long story short: a couple weeks ago my sister informed me, that I can get nice bracelet-like wristbands for Apple Watch in Amazon and that pretty much did it for me. I got myself a rose gold Apple Watch 5 and ordered a nice wristband from Amazon. FTW! I had reasons to want the watch, but what I didn't know, was that I actually kinda needed it even. It makes my life better. And here's why: it frees me from holding on to my phone at all times.

I had a tumor removed from my head six years ago or so, and the operation left me half-deaf, single-sidedly deaf, to be exact. My left ear can't hear shit, while my right one has improved somewhat and compensates a lot. Still, what this means, is that I have no stereo hearing, which in turn means basically two things: one, I can't tell where a sound is coming from, and two, when there's a lot of noise it all blends into one mass of incomprehensible sounds. Apple Watch helps with these issues and much more.

1) I can put my phone into my purse in noisy surroundings 

In noisy surroundings like out in the city, in shopping malls etc. I don't need to hold my phone in order to feel it ring (and commonly miss messages and even calls anyway, if I forget to turn the phone the right way in my hand), for all of that can be felt on my wrist with the watch haptics.

2) I can use softer ring tones and lower ring volume

At home and work (and wherever), I don't need to have an abrasively loud ringtone and volume on my phone anymore, as I'm not reliant on my hearing to know my phone is ringing.

3) I don't need to hang on to my phone constantly indoors either

It is actually also just quite convenient to be able to answer the call on the watch; no need to hang on to the phone when going to get some coffee at work and so forth. Has nothing to do with hearing conditions, just a convenience to begin with.

4) Paying with the watch is just easier

It kinda goes to the same category of not needing to carry your phone around everywhere (heh, really just at home when paying for the delivered pizzas ;) ), but more like to the convenience of not needing to take my wallet or my phone out in stores to pay for stuff. Double-click on the side button, hold the watch near the reader. The wallet on the phone with the touch id confirmation etc. is in my opinion a bitch. Always fumble with it and paying takes more time than showing the card or tapping in a pin code. With the watch, different story.

5) Voice messages on the go

I know my husband hates them, but I love them, especially when I'm on the go somewhere. I really don't like phone calls much, but also hate typing long messages on the phone. iOs just got the voice messaging to messages on the phone too, true, but I have found it increasingly convenient to just tap my phone a couple times and start talking into it to send a message. Unfortunately the Whatsapp Chatify then again does not support voice messages on the watch. I guess you just can't get it all... The touch type is really easy to use too.

6) I can control our home light system wherever whenever

Most of our home lighting is built using the Ikea smart light system (Trådfri, which is the Smart Home now or something), connected to our Home on an iPad. All of the manual switches have long since stopped working (no points to Ikea for that!) so really the only way to control lights is using the phone (or walk to the iPad in the library). When getting up in the morning to make some coffee, I don't take my phone with me so if I forget (and I usually do) to turn on lights before I go, I'm in the dark unless I return to the phone or walk to said iPad. With the watch, the control system walks around with me.

7) Controlling my Spotify

Spotify is also mirrored on the watch so no matter where the phone, you can skip songs, set them as favoritse, select songs and adjust volume with the watch. Just excellent, is all.

8) Cycle Tracking

As a woman, one of the most unfortunately unavoidable things to monitor in my life, is the menstrual cycle. I have used paper calendars most of my life, obviously, and then I started using Clue. Now with the watch, I took the Cycle Tracking into use and my, is it the most convenient thing ever! I kept forgetting to mark my flow in the Clue, but Cycle Tracking is on the watch. I can mark my flow days right there in the toilet at the point when I remember it.

9) All the health stuffs

Really for me, the moving goals, standing goals, heartbeats, EKGs and all that are just a nice to have feature set, on a watch mainly used for other things. However, I know they're important for many, if not most.

10) And don't forget the talking Mickey/Minnie Mouse ;)

I, on the other hand, am always a sucker for something a bit cheesy and childish for I refuse to grow up. So I have talking Minnie as one of my watch faces, the one I mostly use, actually.
[Edit: it was until I figured out that I can use a slideshow of my own images as watch face!]

To sum it up, I'm really glad I got the watch! Should've got is sooner.

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