Apr 25, 2016

iPhone SE and iOs9

Alas, so came the day that I the Windows girl gave in and got an iPhone. My Lumia 820 - old enough to have the Nokia logo! - was starting to be a rather ancient phone with all sorts of data connection issues constantly. I was long hoping to get a Lumia 950, but when people were telling me how it rebooted itself at least once a day and whatnot, I slowly but surely turned my attention to iPhones. With a sigh.

Today I got a brand new Rose Gold (oh yes, the color is of great significance!) iPhone SE 64GB. Naturally I have been fiddling with it ever since. It is nice and shiny and I like it very much - as my readers know, I'm not a total stranger to iOs, having had the iPad2 for many years already (many enough, that IT is starting to feel ancient and outdated, like, heavily) - but there are some buts. Always.

First of, let it be stated that I still like the WinPhone GUI better. What can I say? I just think it's nicer than the i or Android.

That said, there are things that I absolutely love about my new phone! For one, the camera. Way better than the one in my old Lumia (so ok, the new Lumias have good cameras too). I like that there actually are the apps available, you know. I absolutely love the fingerprint unlock. And, well, new is always new :)

I did have some déjà vu experiences today where it comes to the aggravating iOs issues too. Mainly, photo syncing. iCloud almost works. It almost uploads photos (requires wifi, which is stupid in a country like Finland where phone data is not restricted but e.g. our home internet connection is way slower than my 4g). It almost syncs the photos to the Windows iCloud app. At least it did for the first half an hour. You see where this is going?

I cleaned my Dropbox folders from photos that were just lingering there, old photos from years ago, all of which I already have on my hard drive, and turned on camera uploads to Dropbox. Works. With cellular data too (though not necessarily immediately like the OneDrive photosync... meh...)

One thing I was kinda surprised about is the lack of the 3D touch on the SE. My husband has an iPhone 6s and he had talked about this feature. Not that I actually necessarily was missing it, but I would have expected to have it on this newer (hardware-wize similar) phone.

All in all, so far iPhone SE is getting 4,5 stars from me. I like the light (116g) compact size (even though the screen is smaller than what I was used to with the Lumia 820); there's really nothing not to like. Oh, except that I had to reboot it two or three times today when AppStore wasn't able to download apps. Hmm.

P.S. Since I have a track record of breaking the screens of my phones, I immediately went to the the local Apple Store and bought a protective clear silicone case and glass screen protector.

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